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I did finally get to look up in a set of books at a local Protestant Bookstore I go to from time to time. Peter Schraff, a noted Evangelical Protestant Historian mentions the accusation against the Early Christians to be cannibals in the second volume of his History of the Early Church, on page 88. This is from his 8 volume set. He in Vol 1 and 2 also discusses the fact that in the Early Church there were Fathers who wrote about the Church recognizing the Liturgy as a Sacrifice, and the real presence of Christ in the Eucharist. He also brings of the later Protestant ideas about the Eucharist, but does not (in my opinion) give any evidence that those later beliefs were held by the Early Church.

This is an answer to a question on a different thread, but I can’t find the thread. Not being able to find it reminds me that I have to look up the answer to the question on this thread.