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well, these things have been happening eversince…

I’ve also heard that some of the crusaders believed that they were the the army fighting the antichrist in revelation(believing that Islam and Muhammad was the antichrist) if their interpretation was correct then our Lord would have returned by that time and we wouldnt exist today <img decoding=” title=”Wink” />

it is 100% true that we are in the end times, here’s something i’d like to share about how the church understands the end times
it’s about 8parts long(i think) and you can find the other parts on the side of the video…

as for revelation being a prophecy book, [b:1is56sma]it is truly a prophecy book[/b:1is56sma], but its [b:1is56sma]not just that[/b:1is56sma] it’s still about the mass [b:1is56sma]also[/b:1is56sma] since this is:
A. what the early Christians(who established the bible and was guided by the Holy Spirit) said it was
B. what all Christians believed for the first 1600 years of Christianity
C. not just [b:1is56sma]an[/b:1is56sma] interpretation of a person(or congregation) who [b:1is56sma]thinks[/b:1is56sma] they are guided by the Holy Spirit but [b:1is56sma]the[/b:1is56sma] interpretation of the Church that serves as the Pillar and Foundation of Truth(1 Tim 3:15) that did not come up 500years ago or earlier