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Reference Book entitled “The Tend Time” (ISBN 978-0-9802028-0-9)

Your review of the referenced book is suggested. It analyzes the Bible’s Book of Revelation and events surrounding the related end time anticipated. There have been any number of books addressing these subjects in current times, but yet one more is proposed for very good reason. “The Tend Time” is distinctly unique in that it provides an insight into Revelation heretofore unavailable.

This insight, in turn, has been afforded by the identification of a new name for the value 666 cited in Revelation 13: 18. Such identification has been made possible by a recent international agreement assigning new and unique numerical values to letters of western hemisphere languages. The name identified has in turn resulted in an interpretation of the Book of Revelation that speaks for itself. As such, it is worthy of the interest of all who search for a better understanding of this Biblical book. Specifically,

·It explores current world events within the context of Biblical prophecies.
·It provides a comprehensive and rational analysis of this subject matter that is notably consistent with Catholic doctrine.
·And it is a must read for anyone seeking Christian perspective and answers not otherwise available.

A synopsis as well as a review of the book by BookReview.com are provided at it’s listing in the book department at Amazon.com. For your convenience, an Adobe Acrobat rendition of the book of about one megabyte can be emailed as an attachment for an initial review. Please provide a forwarding email address for this purpose by reply to this message.

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