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Sorry I missed the last question. Valid baptism according to the Catholic Church is any baptism done with potable water, not rose water, or rose petals, or other elements. While the person is being immersed, or the water is sprinkled or poured on the person, the person immersing, pouring or sprinkling says, “I baptize you in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit (Ghost)” and has the intention of doing (at the very least) what the Church intends. There are those who baptize in the “Name of Jesus” or the Creator, Word and Mover, or other words who do not baptize validly.

Another consideration is if the person has reached the age of reason, then they need to have the desire to be baptized, if not then the person responsible for them (parent, godparent, etc should desire that they be baptized, and wish to raise them in a Christian home. although the second part is not required for validityl.)