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"LARobert":319d5nit wrote:
You have touched on a very good description of the Mass.[/quote:319d5nit]
alright!!! i’m starting to make progress! yey! I got that description from a good priest btw <img decoding=” title=”Very Happy” />

so if i say that our dear Lord continues to offer His body in the heavenly tabernacle not in a bloody manner, but sacramentally as bread and wine, is this correct?

but how does this NOT CONTRADICT what’s written in Hebrews 9:25 that says “Nor yet that he should offer himself often”?
…a commentary/footnote in newadvent.org/bible says that He should not offer himself again in the bloody manner that happened in Calvary, but this does not mean that He cannot offer Himself as bread and wine, i believe this part but is this all? is there something in the original greek text that’s lost in the english translation? i also heard Dr. Hahn say that the term “once and for all” in greek either means it is done with or that it is to be perpetuated(again i’m sorry but the link to that talk of his is gone) but do you agree?

so just to be sure, when WE offer a mass, we join Christ offering HIS body and blood as bread and wine and when we eat His flesh we also offer whatever good we’ve done as another form of sacrifice(since it is also written that we should offer a sacrifice of thanks and praise and offer spiritual sacrifices) and continue to offer ourselves as living sacrifices, is this correct?

I also have some queries about offering mass for the dead but i guess i’ll ask that some other time

thank you!!!