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Huss was burnt at the stake after the Council of Constance, and it was not the Pope but the King who gave him safe passage. Things may have been different if it was the Pope who had granted him safe passage. However the king of a different land is a different thing.

Thankfully we don’t burn people at the stake anymore. Unfortunatly everyone did then. Calvin in Geneva, Luther encited and encourged executions, (not being a head of state like Calvin, who was both a civil and religious leader) or the Monarch of England who claimed to be both head of the State and the Church. Another thing that is different today is that in most places now, we don’t torture persons to gain a confession. In the times we are discussing everyone (Protestant and Catholic) held that being sinners, nobody would confess their crimes unless they were tortured. (Dunking in water by the Puritains, as well as other ordeals by everyone) So pointing at an execution of one person for heresy does not mean that the other side was blameless.