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Prop 8 was highly charged, with quite a few distortions on both sides, from what I could see.

I think more important than legislation to ban homosexuals from marriage, we need to encourage the sanctity of valid marriages between men and women.

I don’t see the people who promoted Prop 8, encouraging heterosexuals to avoid divorce, and to educate young adults about how to enter into a good marriage. I see many quickie marriages and divorces among heterosexuals and multiple marriages.

At least at this time, Homosexuals, and Heterosexuals (who do not wish to marry, but do wish the same rights as married couples) can enter into a Civil Union, in some localities they may also enter into a Registered Domestic Partnership. Some (Protestant) Churches have Commitment or Union services for homosexual couples. At this time, I think as they provide the same rights as married couples, homosexuals should review their options and tactics very carefully. We will always have people who don’t hate the sin but love the sinner. We will always have people who justify their own sinfulness by pointing out people they think are sinning more than they are.

I personally don’t see the difference between someone who is married by a justice of the peace, and a homosexual marriage. Both are, or would be legal before the government, but not recognized by the Church. I think that as long as the Church is not forced to preform or recognize any marriage that is not in line with the moral and doctrinal teachings on what makes a sacramental marriage. It really does not matter to me, if however they insist I call a marriage that is not sacramental one, I would protest that.

There are a number of other issues that flow from the issue, like children, adoption etc. which could be discussed in another thread.

It is interesting to note that there have been several “divorces” among those homosexuals who rushed to marry. Some were very upset that now that they had “Legal” marriages, they now had to go through the time, and expence to get “Legal” divorces. Something they did not think of when they demanded “Legal” marriages.