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"Bernardine":229ora9z wrote:
Okay Deeown, I’ll look you up. Jon, yes I did have a Facebook account. I didn’t like it at first so I disabled my account to go back just to the MySpace, nothing personal against you or anyone else, just as it wasn’t personal against me when you wouldn’t add me to your MySpace because you used it specifically for your youth ministry. So anyways, a few weeks later over half of my family and friends joined Facebook and so I went back to it and actually like it much better. I’ll be more than happy to have you both as my friends on Facebook. My full name is Michael Lenhart. Email is: [email protected] I’ll look you both up today.[/quote:229ora9z]
did u add me yet? i didnt get a friend request. can u try again?
Deeown Shaverdian