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Please join me in singing the Te Deum.

The Te Deum is an ancient Catholic Hymn that gives praise glory and honor to God for His favor and grace, http://www.newadvent.org/cathen/14468c.htm and as various Protestant groups kept the hymn after the Reformation, everyone should be able to share in giving thanks to God.

Some of you know over the past few years I went through two bouts with Cancer, and chemo. After last year, I was just not seeming to recover and regain my strength. I was actually becoming worse, weaker, more headaches, poor balance, easily fatigued, having to take frequent doses of pain medication and loosing muscle mass. Unlike most Cancer patients I was also gaining weight, even though I take my dogs up and down the stairs four to five times a day. After each walk, I would have to lay down for at least a half hour usually an hour or more. Not a very good life.

A little over a month ago, I was in one of my physician’s offices, and we were reviewing all my symptoms, as well as what I was being treated for by the various doctors. She had a hunch, and drew some blood. I’ve had so much blood drawn over the past few years, that I thought nothing of it. She called a week later, and said that she had my results, and before she discussed them with me she had two questions. 1. Do I abuse heroin? 2. How much beer or alcohol do I consume each day? I told her I’ve never used Heroin, or any medications made from Opium. I drink about two beers each year.

Her reply was that from the results of my answers and the lab test I probably had a tumor in my head, most likely a Prolactin producing tumor in or on my Pituitary Gland. After and MRI and trip to consult with a Neuro Surgeon, all was confirmed, and based on the location of the tumor, I needed to start a medication which cost around 30 to 40 dollars a pill, (depending on where I bought it). Well the good thing was I only had to take one pill twice a week. The side effects (at least at first) were very frightening. However I took her advise and got the medication. The first week was horrible, headaches like I’d never had before, dizziness, and very bad acid reflux. Then Sunday this week, I woke up, and felt like I’ve not felt in the past six or eight years…. I felt 20 years younger, no longer tired, able to stay awake all day long, and go to bed at night. While my muscles got tired, when I walked the dogs, because they are very out of shape, I did not have to take a nap after walking them.

From a conversation with the Doctor after a few other tests were run last week, she says there is a link between the timor in my head and most of the problems I have had over the past six to eight years, including the Cancer. The changes in my hormones allowed the development of the Cancer, and other problems.

So Please join me in singing the Te Deum, or any other prayer of thanksgiving to God that He allowed me to find a Doctor who rather than just treating the symptoms, knew to look for the cause of my illness, and found a treatment that treats everything that has been going on.