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The Scapular and Rosary don’t simply remind us of the Graces we receive from God, but they are means of Graces. Not to the same extent as the Seven Sacraments themselves, who’s Graces come from the fact that Jesus Himself conveys the actual Graces of the Sacraments. So too, if we are in a state of Grace from the Sacrament of Penance, and as most sacramentals also include as part of the conditions obtaining those graces that we do such things as, receive communion in a worthy manner, offer prayers for the intentions of the Pope, sometimes preform an act of charity for the poor, widowed etc. prayers etc ( the conditions vary based on what sacramental we are using.) and the intention to gain those graces.

As sacramentals are not magical talismen that work just by wearing them, or using them without giving any thought to what we are doing or desiring to give honor to God, they help us grow in the spiritual life. In the case of RonK, and his kind, what he says would be true if the use of sacramentals was a mere superstisious belief that wearing a Scapular and not intending to give honor to God and His Angels and Saints, as well as strive to live a better life. However that is not the case.

If you read through RonK’s writings here, on his website and on other web-pages, you will see someone who gloats that he knows everything about the Catholic Church, and that we need him to sort out the truth. However when we read what he posts about the Catholic Church, he usually misrepresents the Catholic Faith and uses both words, and phrases, sometimes lifts entire paragraphs from Anti-Catholic writers in the past, trying to pass them off as his own personal research. Not only have these Anti-Catholic writings been either answered or disproved, which is one thing, but he copies them word for word, including mis-spelled words, and phrases. Either he was poorly educated in the Catholic Faith as a child, and simply followed some of the externals of the Faith, or was never Catholic in the first place, but poses as an ex-catholic in order to try and convert people to his way of thinking. When I have the energy, I may start a thread on the dishonest tactics of many Anti-Catholic groups.