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My suggestions would include the following. Set aside some time each day to pray for guidance from the Holy Spirit, that you be open to seeking truth. That truth may or may not agree with what you now hold to be true, in both matters of Religious Faith, or Morals.

You may find out that the objections you have to Church teachings are answered during the course of the Classes, and either look at the teachings from a perspective that you did not consider previously, or it could be that the teachings either do not make sense to you now, because they have been presented to you based on someones opinons that are not the same as the constant teaching of the Church. In this way, you can make a real informed decision.

Inquiry does not mean that you start out believing in everything the Church teaches, it simply means that you are seeking to know, and when you do so prayerfully, with an open heart, you will find the answer you are seeking.

Welcome here, poke around, ask questions, make yourself at home.