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First it is important to know that the Catholic Church does not require that any Catholic invoke Mary or the Saints, asking them to pray for us. The Church does however reccomend it as they are great advocates for us.

Any title given to Mary, reflects not only what she did in her life as the greatest human who lived, (Her son Jesus, is True God and True Man, so we can’t call Him the greatest human, as Is is much more than just a good human.) She was found by God to be Filled with Grace, and pure in order to bring the Incarnation of the Second Person of the Blessed Trinity. Any graces received through the intercession of Mary or the Saints, are granted not by their authority alone, but by God, who is glorified in and by His Saints, (Both those already in heaven with Him and us here on earth).

If we look at the prayer, Mary is greeted as the Holy Queen. Her queenship is not based on her own merits, but on the merit of Christ. As Elizabeth her kinswoman said in the Gospel of Luke, “How is it that the mother of my Lord would come to me?” Her queenship is a Holy queenship being the mother of the King of Kings.

In the prayer the attributes of our life, sweetness and hope refer to the next great petition, [i:7dtmwbr0][b:7dtmwbr0]”show unto us the blesses Fruit of thy womb, Jesus.” [/b:7dtmwbr0][/i:7dtmwbr0] By her fiat, or her agreeing to cooperate with God in bringing about the plan of salvation, Mary mirrors the will of her son Jesus. She cooperates 100% with Jesus in the plan of salvation. Just as the moon reflects the glory and light of the sun, and does not produce the light by it’s own power, Mary reflects the compassion of her son Jesus. She advocates for us, at the throne of her Son. She shares in His compassion for us.

So too when we pray, [i:7dtmwbr0][b:7dtmwbr0]”Pray for us, O holy Mother of God that we may be made worthy of the promises of Christ.”[/b:7dtmwbr0][/i:7dtmwbr0] We are not saying, by your power alone Mary, make us worthy. But asking her to pray for us, that we may be converted, and made holy, by the power of God, so we too may one day be in heaven, with All the angels and saints, giving praise to God.

It is biblically sound to use intersessors to plead unto God on our behalf, we see in Scripture the following. In the O.T. we see that Moses, Abraham, and Job interceded on behalf of others… that’s someone else besides Jesus mediating between God and man. We know that it is okay to ask others here on earth to pray and intercede for us…. that’s mediating between God and man. So, I think, once again, we have a situation where a passage of the Bible is being misinterpreted and misunderstood.

There is only one mediator between God and man, the man Jesus Christ, but as members of the Body of Christ, He allows us to share in His mediation. What is important to understand here, is that like with Mary, we do not grant the petition, God grants it. We use each other to interceed, or act as mediators on our behalf.

Also, Scripture tells us that we have only one foundation, Jesus Christ (1 Cor 3:11); but, Scripture tells us that there is more than one foundation (Eph 2:19-20). Scripture tells us that we have only Lord, Jesus Christ (Eph 4:4-5); but, Scripture tells us there is more than one lord (Rev 19:16). Scripture tells us that we have only one Judge, Jesus Christ (James 4:12); but, Scripture tells us there is more than one judge (1 Cor 6:2).

Contradictions in Scripture? No! Not when these passages are all properly understood in context. Jesus is the only foundation; Jesus is the only Lord; and Jesus is the only Judge. But, we are members of Jesus’ Body. Therefore, we are able, according to the graces given by Christ, to share in Jesus’ role as foundation, as lord, and as judge, and in other aspects of Christ, as well. Another example, as a father I share in God’s role as Father, by His grace. And, so also, we, and the saints in Heaven, and the angels in Heaven, can share in Christ’s role as Mediator.