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The Torah are the first five books of the Christian Old Tesament. Then there is Halftorah, which includes the Prophets. And the Writings, which include Psalms, Ruth, Esther etc. The Torah us believed inspired, the other books accepted as a second canon, but not inspired. The listing we have today only comes from the middle 600s (AD) as a response to problems of Christians using the Old Testament to prove the Claims of Jesus, and the rejection of those books that where not originally written in Hebrew, but in Aramaic or Greek, so you will see in the list below of the Canon as it exists today, that Maccabees and other books that had originally been held as part of the canon, and later rejected do not occur. At the time of Jesus and the Apostles there where three separate Jewish canons of scripture, the Torah alone school, the Septuagent school and a third which selected some of the Septuagent books, but only in Hebrew. The Septuagent was the entire Old Testament as it occurs in Catholic Bibles and was the text used in the New Testament when Jesus and the Apostles quoted the Old Testament, and the most accepted canon at the time among the jews.

[i:1dke92um][b:1dke92um]Chumash / The Five Books of Moses[/b:1dke92um][/i:1dke92um]

Bereshit Genesis
Shemot Exodus
VaYikra Leviticus
BaMidbar Numbers
Devarim Deuteronomy

[i:1dke92um][b:1dke92um]Neviim / The Prophets[/b:1dke92um][/i:1dke92um]

Yehoshua Joshua1
Shoftim Judges
Shmuel A 1 Samuel
Shmuel B 2 Samuel
Melachim A 1 Kings
Melachim B 2 Kings
Yishiyah Isaiah
Yermiyah Jeremiah
Yechezchial Ezekiel

[i:1dke92um][b:1dke92um]Treisar / The Minor Prophets[/b:1dke92um][/i:1dke92um]

Hoshea Hosea
Yoel Joel
Amos Amos
Ovadiyah Obadiah
Yonah Jonah
Michah Micah
Nachum Nahum
Habakkuk Habakkuk
Tzefaniyah Zephaniah
Haggi Haggai
Zechariyah Zechariah
Malachi Malachi

[i:1dke92um][b:1dke92um]Ketuvim / The Writings[/b:1dke92um][/i:1dke92um]

Tehilim Psalms
Mishlei Proverbs
Eyov Job
Megilot Megilot
Shir HaShirim Song of Songs
Ruth Ruth
Eichah Lamentations
Keholet Ecclesiastes
Esther Esther
Daniyel Daniel
Ezra Ezra
Nechemiyah Nehemiah
Divrei Yamim A 1 Chronicles
Divrei Yamin B 2 Chronicles