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Owen Chadwick: very anti-catholic, English writer.

Eamon Duffy: Catholic layman, and Scholar at Cambridge. I’ll have to read his quote in context, as he is well respected by Catholics and Protestants alike.

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t think that every Catholic, including clergy where without blame, or lived balmeless lives. But I do think that as Jesus promised to remain with the Church he founded, there is no reason to reject the authentic teachings handed down through the Church and invent new doctrines, and establish new Churches.

I’ll have to go to the library when I get home as I only have one of Duffy’s books, (The Stripping of the Altars) an account of how the Churches in England where destroyed, Books, Bibles and Missals where burned, and the posessions of the Church that had any value where taken by the Crown.