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I would only agree that you where stupid if you stopped trying to learn. I don’t know everything by a long shot. I have investigated the Protestant claims, and attacks at the Catholic Church, (probably since before you where born) and still don’t know everything. What I do know is so far, every attack against the Catholic Church has after investigating it has only brought me closer to God, and more convinced that Jesus promise that He would never abandon His Church rings true. I don’t think I really need to explain that that means I am more convinced now than ever that the Catholic Church is the same Church Jesus founded.

Does that mean that my faith is always strong? No. Does that mean that I can stop praying, reading, inquiring, and learning. No. Does that mean that I will (in this life) know everyting about my Faith? No. But as a Catholic I believe that if I remain faithful to God, and accept his grace, I will one day arrive in heaven where I will see God clearly, and know Him perfectly. Then anything I wish to know will be clear to me.