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James, I’ll continue with the other Solas over the next few days, and as before, the answers are just the tip of the Iceburg, and due to the limits of an online forum, not exhaustive.

[quote:18dqrn1u]The Catholic Church I attended taught me that the Bible is not a book that you read from beginning to end but rather a library and used for Reference (Again, I could be wrong and I might have gotten the teaching incorrect.)[/quote:18dqrn1u]
What I can tell you is that the Catholic Church believes that God has revealed Himself through Tradition. Tradition is a bad word among many Protestants who equate it with the Biblical prohibition to the “Traditions of Men” However what we have to do is break down what we are really talking about.

Traditon comes from a latin word (Traditio) which means simply, that which is handed on, or handed down, (from one person to another) Now the Bible, or the Books that compose the Bible where first handed down orally. When we today read about the “Word” of God, (which Protestants limit to only the words written in the Bible) the Greek word most often used is Rhema, or “Spoken Word” In the New Testament when Jesus is spoken of as the Word, the term used is Logos. Scriptura, is used for a word written down. This brings us to the problem with the Protestant approach to reading the scripture unaided and on ones own expecting that God will inspire you to know what the meaning is. If you and I read the Bible in English, as a set of rules, and do not understand what the text says in the original language, ie. where rhema, Logos, and scritura is used. If we (as Ron claimed he did not need to) do not look at the individual books in the context of God’s ongoing revelation of Himself in preparation for His utlimate revelation of Himself in the Incarnation of Jesus.

Now not having been in the class where you where told the above, I can speculate that what the person was trying to tell you is that the Bible is composed of different books, that where inspired by God over a couple of thousand year period of time. Not as some believe something that was just written all at once. So too the Bible is not a novel or something to be read as a simple how too manual. But rather the Bible consists of different themed books that show God’s plan for humanity. Some people read the Bible without any context to what God was addressing, and want to simply apply everything from cover to cover outside of it’s context.

I think the following website may be good for you and save my finger tips from too much typing.