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The E.L.C.A’s or the Evangelical Lutheran Church of America are more liberal in the sense that they allow women to become pastors, etc. and the L.C.M.S or the Lutheran Church Missouri Synod are quite conservative and they are similar to Catholic teachings. (Take notice that I said similar. I stress in that sentence that of course they aren’t the same but are close.)

These are the two local Lutheran churches in my area. I believe (of course I could be wrong, I’m not infallible,) that they “split” because of misinterpretation of scripture.

The reason why I used “split” the way I did was that the Lutheran church didn’t split into other denominations such as the Anabaptist and the Calvinist denomination.

I may not be smart with my Bible. I may not be completely educated in both the Catholic and Lutheran doctrines but I’m trying to understand your statement
as much as I can with what knowledge I have.

Please excuse me of my incompetant knowledge.