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[quote:xyvzs2wh]Luther saw the crucifix as a natural and valuable symbol. He said, [b:xyvzs2wh]”I know for sure that God would have us hear and read His words, especially the suffering of Christ. But if I am to hear it or think about it, I cannot possible do so without picturing it to myself in my heart. For whether I want it or not, the picture of a man hanging on a cross arises in my heart when I hear about Christ, just as water naturally reflects my face when I look into it. If, then, it is not sinful but good to have a picture of Christ in my heart, why should it be sinful to have it in my eyes? [/b:xyvzs2wh]([u:xyvzs2wh]What Luther Says,[/u:xyvzs2wh]I,p.180,CPH,1959).[/quote:xyvzs2wh]
This is taken from a handout my local Lutheran Pastor handed out (and has also written but I’m not quite sure) in Introduction to Lutheran Spirituality, a class that I have attended to learn about Lutheran spirituality. (Go figure <img decoding=” title=”Razz” />)

Also from this same handout:

[quote:xyvzs2wh]I realize that people do not have the same preferences. Some people within the Lutheran Church have crucifixes, and some intentionally do not. “Jesus, after all, is not dead but alive,” we are told. I suppose that if this is what a person thinks when they see a crucifix, they then should not have one. However, they should not think that those who do use a crucifix have the same idea about them.[/quote:xyvzs2wh]
In a nutshell, Lutherans believe that both the bare cross and the crucifix show Christ’s salvation for us sinners.