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Suppose that one thinks that saints are great role models but they shouldn’t be used to intercede for you when you pray to Christ.

Suppose a neighbor thinks that a rosary is an unnecessary form of prayer that only shows respect to Mary. (Keep in mind that this neighbor does believe that Catholics do not worship saints.)

Suppose a friend told me that God doesn’t judge on what a person knows but by the faith he had in Christ.

Suppose another friend told me that Catholics put too much emphasis on good works and that because of our sinful nature, we cannot complete a “bridge” to Christ. Therefore, we cannot totally base salvation on works alone.

Suppose one thought that because Luther and other Protestant reformers were considered heretics that if they did go to Rome to be tried of their doctrines, they would be given an unfair and biased judgement, then they would be executed.

Suppose that friends told me that the Pope is not the Anti-Christ but rather it is his position as pope that is. Since Catholics believe scripturally that Christ gave Peter power, and the pope is “infallible”, these friends said that the pope (position, not person,) somewhat took over the position of Christ and therefore is the Anti-Christ

I do not mean to offend you or anyone in these hypothetical questions.