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Short and simple, I think Jack Chick’s tracts are garbage.

In more detail. He republishes books and tracts that have been proven to be dishonest and have been disproven. His corpus of publications are filled with conspiracy theories that that contradict accepted historical fact.

Take for instance the theory that Abraham Linclon was killed by a conspiracy headed by the Jesuits and the Pope. Or his series about the alleged life of “Alberto” In the Alberto series, (Which has had major changes in the life story from one edition to the next) Alberto claims to be a “Priest-Bishop, of the Jesuit Order, of the Old Roman Catholic Church”. It does not seem to bother either Chick, or Alberto that there is no office of “Priest-Bishop” nor that the Jesuits are not an order but a Religious Society, or that the Old Roman Catholic Church is a spin off of the Old Catholic Church which was founded in the 1860’s when it rejected the leadership of the Pope, among several other teachings and practices of the Catholic Church. There are a couple hundred groups claiming to derive their orders from the Old Catholic Church of Utrech, (Holland) who vary anywhere from those who have a traditional Mass similar to the old Latin Mass, to groups which have openly Gay and Lesbian “Bishops” and “priests” yet deny most of the teachings of the Catholic Church. Most Old Catholic, and Old Roman Catholic “Bishops” and “Priests” have no Seminary formation, many never having been Catholics, who like the idea of titles and rituals. Catholic teachings are misrepresented in his publications, but he continues to publish them.

My estimation is at best, he believes in the anti-catholic rhetoric he was raised with, and at worst, there is lots of money in the publication and sales of anti-catholic materials.