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Thanks for your reply. Actually, what we are giving is a permanent place of worship for Catholics. No problem with their parish priest, but the problem is their members who keep on insisting the old place for the sake of politics… They want the running mayor to be on top of it, instead of our God to be on top of everything. They keep on ignoring the law separating church & state. During their time they weren’t able to put up a chapel (pls don’t get me wrong), so we decided to push for that chapel for Catholics to be united & we’re not against it because worship is impt for us Christians. Another thing is their superstitious beliefs like….”the chapel shouldn’t be placed here ‘coz it’s not facing the sun. Huh! But still we have to respect their beliefs. What’s the best thing for us to do to help our Catholic friends who really wanted to have a place of worship rather than politics?