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You would be an ill informed Catholic, who had been deceived by false teachings. Still a Catholic as Jesus only founded one Church, and gave us one Baptism, not a Lutheran, Calvinist or Methodist baptism, but one baptism by which we are incorporated into the Body of Christ. Your union would be imperfect at the point you became a member of any of the sects as you would be rejecting part of the truths He intrusted to the Church He promised He would remain with until the consumation of the Earth.

If you have begun questioning the authenticity of the Catholic Church based on the false teachings of Sola Sciptura, or Sola Gratia of the protestants, you may want to balance your reading by reading some of the writings of former anti-Catholic protestant ministers like Scott Hahn, who are now convinced by the Bible that the Catholic Church is not simply Biblically based, but the same Church Jesus founded.

If you are questioning the Catholic Church because of what individuals (clergy or lay) have done, you will find the same thing in every religious group, Christian and non-Christian.

Being condemned to Hell is something we do based on our actions. If someone is improperly educated in the Catholic Faith, and is persuaded by the errors of Luther, Calvin or others, it is God who will be able to judge if they abandoned the Church founded by Christ out of selfishness or becauseh they truly believed. Not me, or anyone on this board.

It may help you to know that even though Luther condemned Jews to Hell in his later life, and decried the Pope as the Anti-Christ. The Catholic Church declared that the new theology he invented was condemned, as for him and his soul, the Catholic Church has never made any statements that any one person is in hell.

During the first to middle part of the 1900’s there was a Jesuit priest by the name of Leonard Feeney. Fr. Feeney became involved with a small group at Harvard University that taught, unless one was a practicing Roman Catholic in a state of grace they would go to Hell. This error was condemend, in favor of the Catholic teaching that God will judge souls based on what they knew and understood, and their willingness to cooperate with the graces and revalation that they where given. Fr. Feeney also denied other Catholic teachings when it came to salvation. The Catholic Faith accepts Baptism of Desire and Baptism of Blood. That is that if someone cannot be baptized by water, (and baptism by protestants who use water and the trinitarian formula is accepted as real or valid baptism.) The desire to be baptized or being martyred for the faith before you can be baptized suffices. There is also Vincible and Invincible Ignorance. That being if someone has not had the opportunity to hear the truths taught by the Church, be he an aboriginal person who has not heard the Gospel, or a Protestant who has been prejudiced against true Catholic Teaching by the anti-Catholic upbringing and false allegations against the Church, they cannot be held to the same standards as someone who was raised and educated in the authentic history and teachings of the Catholic Church. It all boils down to the fact that we cannot see into the soul of others, and cannot judge the disposition of their souls when they finally stand before Christ the Judge.