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Purcasing The Book of Concord is not limited to Lutherans! I’m a questioning Catholic and I was invited to a Lutheran church service by a friend. I started to get interested in what they believed. After taking a course about Lutheran Sprituality, the Pastor gave me the Book of Concord as a gift. (The longer version of the story about how I got the book is complicated, but to keep it short, i just wrote down that. If, however, you want to read a little bit of how I obtained it, you can go to my introduction titled Hello Everyone! in the Introduction section.) The Book of Concord contains many many writings including The Small Chatechism and The Large Chatechism. Remember, Luther never wanted to start a new religion but to reform the one, holy, catholic and apostolic church, so it shouldn’t be a huge suprise when you find similar teachings such as confession in both churches. Luther never wanted to get rid of confession but he even encouraged it! The Lutheran church still has confession today but I think one must make an appointment with the Pastor.