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Hi sandra – welcome!

When I receive from the cup, if there is not much left in there I generally consume the rest as a favor to the EM.

In your parish is mass attendance pretty consistent or is it sporadic? I would think that if there is a consistent pattern of mass attendance then wine volume estimates would be regular as well.

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he is referring to a lot of Western Catholic Church only give the host and not the wine,he was at a mass were only host was given and thought it was very strange wine wasn’t offered.Also at the “Last Supper” Christ gave both bread and wine to his apostles.[/quote:f6xr98ur]
Of course Jesus gave both, together, but sometimes logistics in today’s church make it difficult to do both.

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It’s working for me. When I hit ‘preview’ it reloads the ‘Post a reply’ page with a preview of my message above where I enter text. Do you not see the preview, Dave? Is anyone else having this problem?