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Cha or Andrew or whataver your name is. It is not discussion or debate that I am shying away from, it is the manner in which you post that makes it impossible to discuss or debate here. Your postings are like a shotgun blast, all over the place. I can ramble, but your posts just accumulate various subjects in what appears to be a garbled mix, and I cannot make any sense of them. I don’t know if the problem is possibly that you don’t use english as your first language, or if the problem is with both your logic and simply a lack of orginization, it just does not make any sense to me. If you wish to debate a subject organize yourself.

[quote:29pjgl8v]Before starting, you also accepted that Aron used the golden calf as the wrong representation of God. I am glad with our progress. Let the Truth proclaim![/quote:29pjgl8v]
With regard to this statement you made, no I don’t agree with your statement, either there is a disconnect with language, or like the Scriptures, you read what you want to into a text. I stated that the error was the same error as the pagan tibes in the surrounding area. Many of the Pagans in the areas surrounding the Children of Israel where happy to worhip the God of Israel. He was simply a local god to them, not the One God who created and ruled the Universe. SO the Calf was not simply a representation of the One God, but a god who replaced God. The Children of Israel tired waithing for Moses, rather than wiat on Moses and the message from the True God, they demoted God to be equal to the local gods.

Next is your manner of approach, and your strange commentary on Muslims and converting someone who follows Islam. I would not go into someones house and tell them, “You are wrong admit it.” and then make bold statements out of context and without some point of reference. I would submit to them what I felt was the evidence, and tell them how I came up with the conclusion. I would if and when appropriate tell them that I did not agree with the teachings of Islam on this or that basis, but would not as you have done make brash statements as “Catholic statues can never point out to God, for it has no likeness of God at all.” with no supportive evidence. Dropping a statement like this in the middle of your shotgun approach to asserting your other statements does not make any of your statements true, it simply adds to the confusion of your postings.

[quote:29pjgl8v]Think of why Father has proclaimed He has begotten his Son, not created his Son. I was surprised that you called my statement was absurd, when my theology textbook in a Catholic school for highschool students teaches us to make distintion between begetting and creating to understand the identity of Christ as a devine God. I was surprised that you were new to this.[/quote:29pjgl8v]
It would seem evident that your catholic teacher, and catholic textbook or the statements that you have made from them are once again taken out of context, and need citations. You then attack because of statements you pull out of context with no citations which you originally post in regard related to the use of statues to represent aspects of God. While there may be some logic in your mind regarding this, just dropping in a non cited quote which may in proper context be true, needs to be supported by some logical sequence, otherwise a lack of response is not because someone agrees with you, it is (at least in my case) becasue I just can’t figure out what anything you have been posting had to do with your original premise. It may be ok to bring up different subjects in a post, but the way you post confuses the subject.

You have come into a Catholic Board, please re-read the what John said in the original Forum Rules, “There are plenty of debate boards. This is more of a question and answer discussion board. We explain what the Catholic Church teaches and why. We endeavor to help you understand and, once you do, we have fulfilled the site’s mission. You are free to disagree but this is not the place for a debate or thoughtless, anti-Catholic rhetoric. ” You seem to have come here with the intent not to discuss or learn what the Catholic Church teaches, but rather the intent of telling us we are wrong. If that is your intent, do take it to a debate board.

If you want to discuss and learn, stay. If you have differing views, great, state them in a cogent manner, but don’t make silly statements like. “Catholic statues can never point out to God, for it has no likeness of God at all.” What would be more helpful is if you made a statement of your belief and support it, as in the following.

I (Andrew Cha) do not believe that it is permissible to use artistic depictions of the first or second person of the Trinity based on the following reasons.

1. XYZ

But your just dropping a statement that you don’t really have any logical support, just an unsupported attack.

I’ll try to tease out a question or two from your previous postings, and reply to them. My first response will be to what appears to be a misrepresentation that you made about me coming over to your side of an argument. But first I think I’ll print out your postings and try to make some sense of them, put them in some logical order and then reply to them sensibly.