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Let us end our discusson here, before we hurt each other.
I will accept your prayer gratefully.

But, if possible, please let me know why Jews did not officially use statues to point out God in the times of the Old Testament. Truth is objective and exclusive. Either I am right and your are wrong, or I am wrong and you are right. We have not only intellectual discusson, but also moral discussion to know who is really distorting Truth.

I tell you what. You say I did not come to discuss, shareor learn, but to belittle, condemn and insult…. Well, I say your beginning introduction at the first page… “Let us forget… such and such…” What was your purpose to write it, then, Weren’t you not indirectly attacking Protestan bigotry who attacked your images as the proof of paganism?

Oneday, I had a discussion with an Indian, who believed in self-god. When I talked about the exclusive nature of Truth, he said, “Then, do you think it is right for you to impose your Truth?”

Well, I laughed inwardly. He did not know that it would not be me, who would impose my Truth on him, but my Truth would impose on his falses naturally, for no man could be a god to himself. You talked about condeming. But In religious discussions, the result inevitably condemns someone.

Suppose you hope some of your Muslim friends to be converted to Christianity. To claim Jesus Christ is God incarnate, you must somehow condemn Mohamad for being the liar who described Jesus merely as a pophet, not giving him due honor. You can probably start your discussion with them intellectually, but you can never let them know the Truth unless you however lovingly and patiently tell them to reject the false, that is contradictory to the Truth, for man cannot serve both masters.

The war of intellect is the shade of the war of morality. The war of morality is the shade of the war of spirit. If you and other religious partakers have discussions concerning the true core of the matter, you shall see it is inevitable that someone will feel condemned somehow as much as one’s acceptance of Christ is impossible before repentance.

Someone can deny, by his free will, the statement of Christ, “I am the only Way. No one comes to the Father except through me.”

But, he can never say that Jesus Christ did not say that.

Good bye.