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Remeber it was God, himself, who said I am who I am.
He did not give even a slight chance to Moses to define God in human terms solidly.

Remember, when you call me Andrew I answer to you, for I am really Andrew. God gave many nick names to us, Love, Good Shepherd, Rock, and Truth.

I can say God is Love as John did in the first letter of John.
But, I can never say Love is God. To do so, I must kill the personality of God. I can never say Good Shepherd is God. If I do so, I am deliberately forgetting that it is God’s divine character that makes him Good Shepherd.
Also, I can never say Truth is God, for Truth is the character of God, and without God thre is no Truth (This is what Ghandid did – He said he did not say God was his Truth, but his Truth was God)…

Let us serve the Truth.