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Here, Israliests were getting impatient as Moses was not coming down from the mountin, where he had been supposed to get the tarbernacles.
They said, “we don’t know what has happened to him.” Aron agreed with them. However, here, we must watch Aron’s language. After ordering the production of the idol, Aron proclaimed,

“This is your god who brought you up out of Egyipt.” (Exodus 32: 3)
(32: 4- 5)

When Aron saw this, he built an altar in fornt of the calf and announced, “Tommorw there will be a festival to the Lord. “

He is not only approving the idol. Aron is actually using the golden calft as the representation of God – there will be a festival to the Lord.”

Please, read it to the end, and see how this act burned God’s anger and how Moses became despaired of his people because of this. Moses broke the tarbernacle to rubbles before them.

Plese, let us admit it. You can deny this, but We can never say God was not angry with the created representation of men.

Remember, what we beget is only identical to us. What we creat is inferior to us. This is why the Bible emphasizes Father begot his son.

Let us accept the Truth. Just get rid of the representations of God. See yourself how non-believers and Christianas are being unconsioucly crippled in their perceptions to recognize God in his orinal holiness.

Why do we need to fight.
Please. I do not have any power or fame to make voice against Catholic Church. But, this teaching, I believe, many Christians really agree with.

If you can deal with this issue publicly, please do that. I was a Catholic, myself. I am writing this for our good.

If I am wrong, let me be wrong.
If you are right, let you be right and me be wrong, again.

Thank you for your reply.

Please do not delete this.