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First, we can never represent both Crhist’s earthly and heavenly images, the images of Father without distorting them.

First, especially Father is invisible – Remember, what Michelangelo did in a Catholic church dome…
Second, none in the earth now has the memory of Christ’s image.

Thrdly, most of all, to make man-made images of God, every artist must shape God in their own image – thus giving chance to humanism.

It is God who made us in his image. The role seems getting reversed, and the Catholic Church has functioned the greated encouragement to this tragedy.

I’ve recently seen Christ -Faithbook, which was produced in the imitation of Facebook or Cyberspace in a Catholic school. The children passed by it surprisingdly, and when I asked a teacher of the school, she replied, “It makes Jesus closer to us!”

Where is reverence! Is it that easy for us not to be reluctant to advertise God in the public that lightly?

I am not really saying this as a joke. I am really serious. I am a lover and follower of God. I can send you the picture, next time, see Jesus facebook in the internet.

http://images.google.com/imgres?imgurl= … n%26sa%3DX