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I hope we all must agreet that only we beget is identical to us.
What we creat is inferior to us.

I must, then, accept the sculpture, itself, is not bad.
But, let me ask you, the patinet author – I am really grateful for carrying out your responsibility!

Was there any sculpture that represented God the Father, that was allowed in the time of the Bible?

Is there any person who can represente Christ’ image in man-made arts, without distorting his pure character?

Can you say you are entirely free of it?

If you think you can send me a picture that does not distort the image of Christ and Father, please let me see it.

Yes, the sculpture itseelf is not bad, but we must never make the image or icons of God the Father and the Son. Don’t you think you are angry your son represent your image with the picture of dogs? I am not using an exagerated language. The icons you have made are really that inferior and inferior enough to distort God’s true image!

Remember, what you beget is only identical to us.
See how serenly looking Christ is in Catholic images.
But, even that can not remind us the images of Christ in his earthly journey – for he has no wordly majesty to attract us…

Also, there is none in the world who can remind us of his heavenly images.

Also, to proclaim someone a saint after his death, you must be sure he is a real Christian. How can we know? How can we have that degree of omniscience…

Let us finish our talk.