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Hi LBF. Sometimes people pick the patron saint on their birthday and sometimes people pick others. Honestly, I don’t remember who I picked, but I know I like the saint that’s on my birthday – St. Jerome. I like him because he’s described as having a quick wit and a sharp tongue, both of which I have also. Yet, even though he has a sharp tongue he is still a saint.

The beauty of saints is that they were once living humans like you and me and they made it to heaven. They weren’t perfect (see St. Augustine, St. Peter and many others), but very aware of their sins. Saints are excellent examples of people who were steadfast in their faith in Jesus. They are also role models of Christian life for the rest of us.

Read up on some of the lives of the saints and see if there is anyone’s personality or life you can sort of identify with. If you find one you like, pick him or her. The saints can be great examples of people who have persevered, even in the face of adversity whether it is a personal issue or torture or poverty.