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Good point about insemination – I didn’t even notice that as I read the article.

Even better point about the challenge to Catholics. I’ve heard proponents of gay marriage a number of times say that divorce does more harm to marriage than 2 people actually getting married. Again, it’s a good challenge to live out the standards that are set for us. It reminds me of Jesus’ saying to mind the log in our own eye before we worry about the speck in someone else’s. Likewise, though, we are to admonish our brothers and sisters in Christ about matters of the faith. Sometimes it’s hard to define that line.

Regardless, I think the issue with pharmacists distributing birth control may provide a solution to this issue. At the moment, I think, pharmacists can refuse to fill the prescription, but refer customers to someone else.

This raises the question about cooperation in the moral evil. Is the pharmacist cooperating in the evil by enabling access to it? Likewise if the doctors were to refer people to a different clinic for medical treatment against the doctor’s religious beliefs would the doctor still be participating in the evil?