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There is also the problem of artificial insemination itself. Here we have two evils. We have a court mandated requirement that doctors who already preform an act that the Church condemns as immoral, and unacceptable to extend it to persons who reject the even more of the moral teaching of the Catholic Church.

Married, single, homosexual or heterosexual the Church artificial insemination is immoral. The Magesterium has defined that children should be concieved by natural means, and barring that, married couples who wish to have children but are unable to conceive through those natural means are encouraged to adopt children who have no parents equipt to care for them.

Homosexuals, and unmarried individuals and couples who reject the moral guidance of the Church point to us and question, if we don’t follow our own moral beliefs, why should they? I think the have a good, (albeit flawed) argument, or rather challange to us as Catholics. Why should they live according to the morals we dictate, if we ourselves don’t?