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This guy isn’t Ron (it’s the first thing I checked),

Which is why I mentioned he seems more literate than Ron. However his insistance that only he knows the Bible and that Catholics and the Catholic Church, and given time I suspect that he would tell us that we cannot trust histories or any commentaries written by Catholics. He has already shown himself to be beating the same post-Reformation drum as Ron used to here, ala “You guys think you know, but you don’t, and it is up to me to set you straight.”

I find some amount of humor that when behaviors and similarities are exposed those of this ilk attack supposing ruminations of others are held to be somehow facts that need to be attacked with a large amount of venom and overkill. While once again I’ll point out his writing style and literacy are superior to Ron’s (a compliment if he can stand that) his over reaction speaks more of his need to prove to himself that his opinions are correct than anything else.

One of the other things my former Calvinist Minister friend told me about his conversion from Protestant “Bible alone, and Faith alone” is everything ended up being based not on Christ, as in the Catholic Church, but ones self. The interpretation was based on ones own self, and the victory of the Cross was only applicable based on ones own acceptance. When he became convinced of the Catholic view and converted he told me that his life in Christ became more simple and deep. Not because someone told him what to believe, he got enough of that as a Protestant where everyone tried to correct his or her brother’s private interpretation of theology and the Bible, but because as Catholics, we trust that as Jesus told us we must submit to Baptism He meets us there. We present ourselves to Him and we trust that the Graces He won for us on the Cross are administered by Him in the waters of the sacrament. The waters and the minister of the sacrament being external signs and requirements that He established in order to effect His change on us. He works on us (ordinarily) through the means He established. Rather than making His work dependent only on our say so.