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[quote:b9zee3bh]If Jesus was with the Catholic Church always was he on the popes throne through the dark ages. My dear friend like I pointed too we must look at the fruit of a tree to see what it produces, that will determine what type of tree it actually is![/quote:b9zee3bh]
First of all, yes. What historians of the last century called the “Dark Ages” was anything but. If you look into the “Dark Ages” you will see human corruption from place to place, but what is overlooked is that it was an age of deep and abiding faith. The development of Monasaries, which supported the local community, where medicine was developed and the poor where treated by the monk physicians free of charge as an act of Christian Charity, from these institutions we have our modern hospitals and medical schools. Them there where the scriptoriae, where written liturature, included among the books preserved by copiest who penned the books by hand page by page is the Bible. Without the Scriptoriae (and God’s will) it would probably not have survived until the advent of movable type, (and by the way the first book printed by Guttenberg was the Catholic version of the Bible. If the Catholic Church tried to supress the Bible as many Protestants claim why would it be the first printed book? Local princes and Lords during the “Dark Ages” attempted to rob, rape and otherwise abuse serfs. It was the Church that saw to it that the excesses of the Secular rulers where kept in check.

If you can check your prejudices at the door, read through “Those Terrible Middle Ages”
[url:b9zee3bh]http://www.ignatius.com/ViewProduct.aspx?SID=1&Product_ID=396&SKU=TTMA-P&Category_ID=62[/url:b9zee3bh] For the Catholics on the board who may have trouble answering this old canard of Jewish and Protestant detractors, it is a good book to help debunk the myths of how horrible the Church and her leaders where in the “Dark Ages”.