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The Qu’ran is written by one of the false prophets Jesus warned about isn’t it?

True the Bible is interpreted wrongly by men, but the original, written by the apostles I believe to without error.
You say Jesus will be with the church always, he said this, this is true! There are sincere Catholic Christians who put there whole trust in Jesus and wait upon Him day and night for His return, that I am sure of.

My Church has error, every Church has error, if we deny our Church has error we are in grave error!
There is only ONE without error. The LORD and that’s why I believe there is One way, through Jesus and One message, the Bible in it’s original!

Like I said I would rather an attempt that fell short relying on Grace to make the difference rather than relying on man’s traditions and saying this is sufficient.

You said Jesus didn’t have the New Testament that it was 3rd -4th century in coming
Is Jesus not God in the Flesh our all knowing LORD and Savior?

I am a fool I admit that but not for what you quoted, ‘that I believe the Bible is not corrupted in it’s translations. Satan and his pride has tarnished all things on earth.

If Jesus was with the Catholic Church always was he on the popes throne through the dark ages. My dear friend like I pointed too we must look at the fruit of a tree to see what it produces, that will determine what type of tree it actually is!

Those that produce good fruit will be given fruit from the eternal tree that which was just a weed will be thrown into the fire.

Now I am not gloating in pride and arrogance; like Paul writes about himself in the New Testament i also have a past as dreaded as Paul’s was. I didn’t go and kill Christians but I was as vile a character as any man woman or child on the earth.

So my dear friend before the devil is at work once again and trying to play games by deceiving mankind like he did to Eve in the garden by saying; (don’t pay attention to God’s word it don’t mean diddly squat listen to me or man then you will live life to the fullest, it’s your pride that will hate this post and in the end crucify it like the Pharisees crucified the savior himself!)

You can still receive Jesus to the fullest Jon first put away your pride then mans ways and then the idols!