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How can you honestly say that we must trust the truth passed down through tradition when you openly admit that the Popes have them selves been corrupted by sin.
We all have which is why we as corrupted humans need something that is not corrupted; we have it THE BIBLE!

In the Old Testament the prophets and other authors refer to what is written as being the very word of God more than 3,800 times.
New Testament writers quote the Old Testament as the Word of God 320 times and refer to it at least a thousand times. And New Testament writers repeatedly claim divine inspiration as did the Old. Jesus Himself claims that both the Old Testament and the New Testament are inspired by God.

So if this is true we can definitely conclude that the Bible is the word of God. Now I can talk for a month about the sufficiency of scripture but I would rather turn to our other option.
TRADITION or trust man!

Now that means we put the Bible down to turn to people like the Popes, Mary Baker Eddy, Joseph Smith, Jehovahs Witness just about anybody who has something to add to Gods word and that means we have to trust that the corrupted flesh that lies, cheats and steals is not corrupted enough to get things wrong over 2000 years of traditions.

Outrages to believe that you and I can’t go a day without sinning but we are supposed to believe there are ‘holy men’ who have kept the truth in tact separate from Gods proven truth!