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"weather":2hn9yc6p wrote:
Why Catholics look so sad looking when going to communion?you think they would be happy and have a smile on there face(just my observing)[/quote:2hn9yc6p]
I think it is more being solemn than being sad. Imagine a worker going to meet the president to receive a prize. Even if that worker is happy he/she will not be smiling as they are going to receive the prize-they will have this respectful and solemn demeanor.

Now the difference between these two human beings (worker and president) is not much but the difference between Creator and creature is infinite.

Besides, real joy of the soul is not necessarily shown on the face. If you look at Mother Teresa of Calcutta, you will not notice much happiness or joy- but of course she has to have joy of soul because of her being filled with the Holy Spirit who brings joy with His presence.