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True, and I think the majority of those who post here are aware of that. However, I’ve spoken to many Catholics who hold some very strange opinions and ideas about the Sacraments.

I know one man who (and this is going to appear to weaken my post on communion in the hand.) He considers himself to be well versed in the Faith, even teaches RCIA classes. Yet when it comes to Marriage, he denies that a mutual friend’s annulment was valid, while admitting that he does not know on what grounds the annulment was granted. He upholds another marriage as not only valid, but indissolvable because a priest preformed the wedding ceremony, even though the wife is a Chinese Buddhist who was never baptised. As for his marriage, he holds it to be Catholic because he and his wife are Catholics and have two kids, even though they where married by a Justice of the Peace for the purposes of nothing more than a Green Card, and had no intention of remaining married before they had a child togeather.