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"Jon":1054z0y1 wrote:
How do you know something or someone put it in motion? How do you know it hasn’t always existed?

Proof for God is difficult just as proof against God is equally difficult.[/quote:1054z0y1]
It is easier to believe that there is a Creator than to believe everything came from nothing.
Here are some ways to prove God’s Existence using logic(reasoning) based on Thomas Aquinas:

1) Newton’s first law states, “an object at rest will remain at rest unless acted upon by an outside force.” So if you look at a book on the table that book will not move unless some force moves it. In order for something to have force it has to have acceleration which means it has to have to move itself(F=ma). What this means is nothing moves by itself but needs a moving object to move it.
Now when you look at the earth and ask what put it in motion-a scientist might say A put the earth in motion. Then you ask what moved A-the scientist answers B moved A. So again you ask what gave B movement to move A and the scientist says C and so on till you get to the end and at the end you will find the last thing lets call it Z. The question now is who moved Z and no one will be able to tell you because it is not in physical creation. Then using the Law of Newton you have to say there must be an invisible first mover that put Z into motion. That would lead you to the first mover, which we call God.

2) There is nothing in life that causes itself. If something caused itself then it existed prior to its own existence which is an absurdity and an impossibility. So if you take anything lets say a bean plant. and ask what caused it. You will be answered a seed. Ask what caused the seed and you will be answered another bean plant from last year. If you keep going back to the very first bean plant and ask where did that plant come from and you will come to the conclusion that a first cause had caused this plant that first cause we call God.

3) Nothing without intelligence can direct itself in an intelligent manner to a good end. A basketball cannot by itself go into the hoop. A human with intelligence has to direct it to go there. If you look in creation there is so much intelligence in unintelligent creation that it is an impossibility that everything is directing itself. For instance how do trees know that they should grow buds in spring-the answer is length of daylight. Then you ask who told the plant that it should go by length of day? The answer is :the genes (DNA). Who told the genes to be formed in such a manner as to take the length of day into account? You could stop here and say an intelligence outside the plant or if you keep going on to more causes at the end you will find no more reasons except some intelligence which we call God.