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"LARobert":18djzwxb wrote:
From the reading that I have done, they do fall into one of three major categories, not always neatly though.

Predominat Male, while they may have female organs these are non-functional, and sometimes hard to distinguish. If the Male organs are functional, I’m going to assume, at least until I find an acceptable Ecclesiastical source they would be able to marry as a man to a woman.

Predominat Female, as above but sexual organs of the female are functional.

Equal sexual organs, both functional, very rare, as most who have this rarest of anomolies are sterile.

So you are getting my little gray cells, which have been taking a nap for the past few months something to tackle…. Now to find sources.

For the time being here is Jimmy Akin’s posting on the subject.
[color=navy:18djzwxb]I’m not sure if that source helped me or confused me even more. It seems this issue is still so fresh that theologians are barely starting to duke it out.

How about I just say “I don’t know”…<img decoding=” title=”Very Happy” />[/color:18djzwxb]