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"Jon":1nvqo3ry wrote:
What a complex issue. This raises the question as to whether the whole of a person is summed up in their genitalia or do we believfe there is more to being a person. In other words is the essence of being male or female reserved to sex characteristics or is it personality.

I personally don’t believe that it is an either/or argument. I think it lies somewhere in between.

Also, it seems if the Church were to talk about this then it would have to address transsexuality and all sorts of other things like this. Often times it takes a while for an official pronouncement or declaration on such things because the issues are so complex.

But Victor, your basic question remains: can they get married? I wouldn’t even know where to start.[/quote:1nvqo3ry]
Neither do I.

I do know that if the Church decides to eliminate physical characteristics from even defining a person’s sex it would be much harder to argue for things like traditional marriage, homosexuality, etc.

Part of our argument revolves around not just the psychological jargon that makes a male a male, but also how physical characteristics (like genitalia) affect it.