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Abortion is just wrong. Always and in every case. People try to make lots of rationalizations about it, but abortion is wrong.

Though folks often THINK that an abortion may be “the answer”, it never is.

In almost 20 years of priestly ministry, I have never once heard a woman tell me that in hindsight she was sure that having had an abortion was the right decision. Rather, what I hear over and over is a lifetime of regret and remorse.

In professional life we do not do anybody any favor by agreeing to something that we know to be wrong — even if the professional consequences for us are not good.

Jesus’ message is about the marginalized and the weak. He comes to bring them hope and life, and He invites us to be their advocates. Our call, as Christians, is to protect and to stand up for those who have nobody else to speak for them. And so we are on the side of the weakest in society: the homeless, the hungry, those whose lives are torn apart by war and natural disaster, those who are oppressed by racism, sexism, classism, and homophobia. And who is more marginalized than an unborn child? Who is weaker than a child in her/his mother’s womb? Who is more voiceless than the baby ‘in utero’?

Surely, as a social worker you must abide by the profession’s code of ethics — as long as that code does not violate the most basic tenets of what Jesus calls us, as Christians, to do. In SO many ways being a social worker is going about Jesus’ business — helping families, the poor, the oppressed. And you should be proud of be part of that profession! But you would do nobody any favor by giving up your most fundamental sense of right just to be thought well of in your chosen profession.

In a scenario such as you present, I should think that a good social worker would present her convictions to the client in a respectful way; she should also be willing to share the concern with her supervisor and make provisions for another professional to take over the case if the supervisor felt that was the appropriate course of action.

But aiding a person — even in an implicit way — to have an abortion would not advance the well-being of the client.
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