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"chiefu":1lwe5di2 wrote:
Abortion is wrong, morally. The only exception I have ever considered is if the mother will die if the baby is not killed; but not one single case of the life of the mother (I mean the physical well being, not the financial or social aspects of her life) being in danger has ever been presented by the pro-baby-killing side. So baby-killing doesn’t get my support.

Geting to your actual question…. by the logic you posed, the govt should also be supplying facilities and equipment for drug users to safely injest thier posion (oh, wait, California is already got that one covered). I don’t think the ‘degrees of wrong’ apply here. Murder is murder, and murder being defines as the willful and wrongful termination of a life, there is no wiggle room here. “Thou Shall Not Kill”, kill is a bad translation, murder is more accurate. Its just as wrong to kill a baby as it is to shoot a chickadee with a bb gun.

Can or should we persue legislation to make baby-killing illegal? Maybe. Am I giving implicit consent by not actively seeking that action? I don’t think so, there are myriad immoral and unethical happenings within this country that I don’t actively go after, but that doens’t mean I support them. So my lack of active action shouldn’t imply quiet support. If given the opportunity to vote on the legislation, or was asked my opinion, then of course I would voice my anti-baby-killing thoughts.

This could get get long, but I leave it with one final thought. What I would like to see is state Attorney’s General actively prosecuting baby-killing facility workers for failure to report statutory rape. All medical personnel (and a host of other professions, teachers included) are federal mandated reporters- they are required by law to report suspected or known cases of child abuse. A pregnant 14 yr old oughta be a clear sign some illegal (and immoral for that matter) action has taken place. I would also like to see a more consoldiated effort among US Catholic leaders, Bishops in particular, to enforce the laws of God upon our elected officials who claim to be Catholic yet support activities at cross with God. You vote for giving money to organizations that support baby-killing, you get a nice counseling session from the Bishop where excommunication is part of the conversation.

Ok, maybe one more: Sex is supposed to be confined within Marriage, for the primary purpose of having children. Murder is expressly forbidden by God. Women and girls who use abortion clinics, anyone who supports the clinics or supports the “right” to kill babies act against God’s word.

I think you misunderstood me. When I used the term “hierarchy of morality” I wasn’t trying to justify abortion, but rather trying to save more lives. How does this unfold in the real world? It might mean that Catholics should refocus there efforts from trying to make it illegal to doing some of the things you noted. So really, we agree.