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I do see what you mean and I do have a tendecy of going on the fence on whom to nominate. Not because I can’t find which candidate is best in relation to our faith, but it’s not just about where they stand on issues but there is other factors that come into play (which is kind of what you were touching on…I think). I’d certainly vote for the candidate who didn’t believe in abortion, but had plans to lower the number of abotions. But that would all depend on who else is running.

Honestly, I think there alot of catholics out there that have just given up. They feel they don’t have a fighting chance for there policies to ever go through and would much rather take the lesser of two evils with those [b:2wt4le98]who do have[/b:2wt4le98] a fighting chance. Leaving us with guys like Rudy Giuliani…I’d pick Mitt Romney over him.