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"Jon":2bjb54v1 wrote:
So even if all the sides of the issues this person campaigned for fell in line with Catholic Social Teaching, except legal abortion, you would not vote for that candidate? In other words you would vote on a single issue?

I think I’m with Victor, that if the candidate was the lesser of 2 evils I would. I think if the candidate were to campaign for legalized abortion (sadly), but unfolded a plan to reduce the number of abortions in this country (and everything else added up) I would strongly consider that candidate.[/quote:2bjb54v1]
Well the measure of who is more evil isn’t about tallying up who matches up in terms of numbers. What I meant by the lesser of 2 evils is about using our hierarchy of morality to determine whom you’d bring into office. If a candidate matches up in most ways, but believes in abortion I would probably vote for the one that matches up less but does not believe in abortion.

Why? As far as I know abortion carries more moral weight (in terms of hierarchical morality) then say economic issues do. So who I chose would in a nutshell be determined by who mirrors Christ the most. Economically, liberals tend to be seen as mirroring Christ better (although this is arguable).

Imagine a portrait of Christ, each feature, down to hair, the shape of the eyes, nose, ect. are all doctrines/teachings of the Church. If you deviate on say feeding the poor, then that would be like reshaping the nose or eye of the portrait slightly. You can still see that’s its Christ, but it’s changed a bit. Now, depending on what you deviate from, depends on how much of a change you do on the portrait. Abortion is almost like rearranging the nose, separating the eyes, cutting his hair, essentially making him unrecognizable. The same analogy can be used in terms of venial and mortal sin but I hope that clarifies what I mean by mirroring Christ.

So, I’m not entirely sure whether we agree or not.