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He seems to have been a man who knew where the market was best for his writing skills. He was rabidly anti-traditionalist, but then seemingly over night started penning controversial and unsubstantiated books for that sold like hotcakes among traditionalists. His books gained a cult following, and he alined himself with some people who followed seers, and where themselves cultlike, rather than following the Church. At one point it is said that he married.

He spoke of his obedience to the Church, yet gathered around himself priests and laymen who say that he encouraged the building of an “underground Church” and encouraged men to go to the Old Catholics for ordination because the Church was corrupt from the head down.

A man of many contradictions, and from one site to another you will read different accounts of what he said or allegedly said. From what I have seen and read, he seemed to have been a very confused, possibly manipulative man. Rather than clearing up controvercial rumors about himself and his status, he seemed to use them to sell his novels.

As a novel writer his books are gripping. As a historian and leader I’d say don’t get caught in his sway. I’ve made no bones about my love for the Traditional Liturgies of the Church, Eastern and Western. But as Catholics it is the Pope who holds the office of Peter and has the promise of our Lord that He will keep faithful to His Church, not a priest who has no faculties or authority to teach in public, most of all one who is alleged to have attempted to establish a parallel underground Church.