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You will recall in the Sacred Scriptures that after He rose from the dead our Lord was able to appear before the Apostles without opening the door to the upper room. He was able to transcend the material world. In order to prove that he was not just a ghost or in the imagination of the Apostles, Thomas who did not see Him at the first visit to the Upper Room after that first Easter Sunday, placed his fingers in our Lord’s side and hands. He found our Lord to not be a ghost or spirit, but rather flesh and blood.

Like our Lord we too hope for the ressurection of our bodies, and their glorification. At that time we will be able to give full glory to God as we where ment to before the fall in the garden. The reunion of our bodies and souls in the same manner as our Lord which He prefigured for us, and as we know happened to our Lady by the power of God at the end of her life on this earth is something we all hope for. For those who have died before us, we pray that they too will join the elect in heaven, body and soul, giving unending praise and glory to the Blessed Trinity.

A more detailed description can be found here…..

The Online Catholic Encyclopedia is a great source of information, (While I have the set on my bookshelf, it is sometimes faster to look up the information online.)