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Bring it up, you betcha. The priest may or may not know about the situation. Unfortunatly what he said is true. From one parish to the next, you don’t know what you are going to get nowadays.

There are formal and material heretics out there, that is some who fall into heresy by their own ignorance of the Faith, and others who knowingly espouse heresy and hope to influence others. This is evident in both the clergy and the laity. Arguments usually don’t convince people, just look at Ron K who used to dive bomb this board. Prayer and honest dialogue does work. Emphasis on the prayer. You can add to that study from good solid Catholic resources.

I know I’ve seen priests invite non-catholics and even non-christians to communion with comments like, “Everyone here is invited to come up to communion, you don’t have to be Catholic or even Christian, what communion is, is a symbol of our love for each other.” To a wedding for a woman I knew who attended a schismatic Latin Mass, the priest told the congregation that communion would not be destributed except to the couple, and anyone who came back to the Chapel would have to be screened by him as people who believed that Popes John XXIII through John Paul II where valid Popes would be excluded from the altar rail. (This was a few years back) So it is true that from parish to parish, and even among the Traditional Latin Mass crowd, (Both those loyal to the Pope and those in schism) you may here things that do not agree with what the Church teaches. Another important reason to learn ones Faith well.