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Getting far too technical, what we normally refer to as the Latin Rite, is truly the Roman Rite. The missal we use in the west is usually taken from the Editio Typica of the Missale Romanum, or Roman Missal. Up until 1965 the Most common of the Latin Rites, was what is now referred to as the Tridentine Rite. The Missal used from 1560 to 1965 was also called the Missale Romanum. There also existed (and continues to exist the Ambrosian and the Mozarabic Rite.) The Ambrosian Rite was/is celebrated alongside the Roman Rite in Milan Italy. It’s core goes back to St. Ambrose. The Mozarabic Rite, once spead out among the Spanish Colonies was a Rite of the Mass perculiar to Toledo Spain. Now only three Churches and the Cathedral Chapel have a regular Mozarabic Mass, (they use a missal called the Missale Mixtum, sometimes called the Missale Gothicum.) Formerly there was also the Servite, Dominican, Norbertine, Carmelite, Carthusian and other rites that where offered by their respective Religious Orders. they are still offered from time to time in different places with appropriate permission. Other rites that where offered on rare occasions or fell into disuse where the Braga, (Portugal) Sarum (England) Lyon (France) the last two a form of the old Gallican Rite from France. and a half dozen to a dozen others.

Why do I go on about this, well to tell you the truth for those on the left who feel threatened by the Tridentine Mass and the Traditionalists (at least those who are in communion with the Pope, and accept the New Mass, but prefer the older ways of worship.) More than one Latin Rite has existed side by side in the past and they have complimented rather than ditracted from each other. And for the Traditionalist who say the Tridentine is the only Mass, or the “True Mass” there has always been a variation in rites in the Church, even in the “Latin” Church. St. John Marie Vianney did not use the “Tridentine” Mass, but the Rite of Lyon. As long as the rite is approved by the Church it is a valid and appropriate form of worship offered to the Trinity. No one rite is superior to another, even though one form may be more comfortable to you or me. I myself love the beauty and majesty of the “Tridentine” Rite. I do however accept ALL the other approved rites of the Church. The only thing I expect when I go to Mass is that the Rite I am attending is followed and the priest does not ad-lib and make the Mass into a stage show.